My name is Igor Mitrofanov, I'm software and web-developer from Russia. During last 12 years I'm developing web-sites and applications.

I've got an Engineer degree (IT in Chemical Engineering) from Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia in 2010. After graduation I moved to Denmark, where I've been working as an early stage researcher in Computer-Aided Process/Product Engineering Center (Technical University of Denmark) for 2.5 years. Then I moved back to Moscow and worked as a software developer almost a year in Laboratory of Molecular instruments for immunology of Institute of bioorganic chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. From Summer of 2014 I'm working as a freelancer: developing web-sites, web-applications and mobile applications.

I like playing drums, football and chess, reading science-fiction, traveling and inspiring people to the new adventures :)


2005 – Current time


I started working as a web-developer just after starting University back in 2005. As a freelancer I developed a number of websites using such CMS as Wordpress and Drupal, I developed services, web-spiders and fun projects using such frameworks as yii, kohana, fat-free for server-side and jquery, knockout.js, Angular.js for front-end.

Since summer of 2014 I'm experimenting with MEAN stack (Mongodb,Express, Angular.js, and Node.js) + Elasticsearch and with Ionic framework for building mobile hybrid apps.

Selected sites and apps

Beauty salon in Girona, Spain

Wordpress set up, template development, custom admin interface, 4 languages one-page site


Musical studio in Moscow

Wordpress set up, template development, schedule plugin (admin interface and front-end view), custom admin interface


E-shop of musical instruments

Wordpress set up, template development, plugins tuning and bug fixes, custom admin interface


Personal site of my first teacher

Wordpress set up, template development


Tool for analyzing quality of poetry translations

An app for analyzing quality of poetry translations (using some specific coefficients developed by Russian linguists). Technologies behind: phpMorphy (php library for working with morphology), LingvoEnRu stardict file converted to sql database, database of synonyms; for client-side Angular.js and bootstrap were used.

Angular.js phpMorphy stardict

Conway's Game of Life

Javascript version of Conway's Game of Life (fun project in University)

javascript jquery

Yii-powered e-shop engine

Simple e-shop engine with administrator interface and order management. Has been used on 2 online shops in Mexico (they are closed now). Technology stack: yii and jquery.

yii jquery

Other examples: avtoshkola4you.ru/, avtoshkola-avtron.ru/, med-komissiya.ru/, vashpoputchik.ru (closed in 2014; service for searching travel friends and ride-sharing), yellow-pages like engine (set of sites, closed in 2010), HIV Cellular automata in Javascript, Ternary plots in js

Fun-sites: hobbit2014 (fooling friends on 1st of April, day of fools), Sleeping beauty fairytale (based on our trip through Spain with friends)

2013, September – 2014, June

Laboratory of Molecular instruments for immunology
Institute of bioorganic chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

MiXCR - fast and accurate analysis of T- and B- cell receptor repertoire sequencing data. (Java)

MiXCR allows immunologists to perform very fast and accurate analysis of their specific data. It is the fastest software in the category. It was written in Java.
Main parts were:

  • development of the aligning algorithms. The core was seed-and-vote based algorithm, but such algorithms as Needleman–Wunsch (global alignment of 2 string), Smith–Waterman (local alignment – only parts of strings to be aligned) and some of their modifications (adopted scoring system for some specific cases where we knew that only right part of the string should be aligned) were implemented. Such approach of combining multiple different algorithms and their modifications let our software be so fast
  • clone assembling algorithm
  • report generation
  • development of testing suite: fake data generation, set of test on completely random data, etc.

I've been working mostly on aligning and report generation parts. As a side project there we developed web-based report viewer ( screenshots) using Play framework (server-side) and Knockout.Js (front-end) library (though it has not been open-sourced)
Our paper about that software has been published in Nature Methods: doi: 10.1038/nmeth.3364

2010 October – 2013, April

Computer-Aided Process/Product Engineering Center
Technical University of Denmark

Research project «Computer-Aided Solvent Selection Framework» (C#)
Lead developer of ICAS (Integrated Computer Aided System) software (C++)

The main project was development and implementation of latest techniques and algorithms for solvent selection in different applications. And as a result of this work we've created new tool for ICAS (Integrated Computer-Aided Systems) – Solvent Selection Framework (SSF). ICAS – set of quite powerful software tools (property prediction, computer-aided molecular design, mathematical modelling) for chemical engineers. Different parts there were written in C++, C#, Fortran and Excel. SSF was written in C#. Main parts were:

  • solvent selection and design routines for organic synthesis
  • solvent screening and design of solvent mixtures for pharmaceutical applications
  • ionic liquids selection and design as solvents

SSF has been deeply integrated into eco-system of ICAS, allowing user to use SSF with already available ICAS tools for property prediction, computer-aided molecular design, modelling and some others ( screenshots).

As a lead developer of ICAS I was responsible for building releases, adding new features by helping other developers, fixing bugs, communicating with industrial companies.

I participated in 5 international and 2 internal annual conferences presenting the Solvent Selection Framework and published one paper in Elsevier Science: read online on researchgate.net


2005 – 2010

Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

Engineer degree, specialization: Information Systems and Technologies (Computer Aided Process Engineering Faculty)

Subject studied:

  • Cryptography (AES, Diffie–Hellman key exchange, RSA)
  • Parallel programming (MPI, pthreads, OpenMP)
  • Cellular automata and Genetics Algorithms (C++ language, Qt framework)
  • Linux administration
  • Intelligence and Information systems
  • Synergetics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Physical Chemistry, etc.


April 2015

MiXCR: a comprehensive software for adaptive immunity profiling

D. Bolotin, S. Poslavsky, I. Mitrophanov, M. Shugay, E. Putintseva, D. Chudakov
Nature Methods Nature Methods. 2015 Apr 29; 12(5):380-1. doi: 10.1038/nmeth.3364


High-throughput sequencing is gaining importance in adaptive immunity studies, demanding efficient software solutions for immunoglobulin (IG) and T-cell receptor profiling. Here we report MiXCR (available at mixcr.milaboratory.com/ and github.com/milaboratory/mixcr/), a universal framework that processes big immunome data from raw sequences to quantitated clonotypes. MiXCR efficiently handles paired- and and single-end reads, considers sequence quality, corrects PCR errors and identifies germline hypermutations. The software supports both partial- and full-length profiling and employs all available RNA or DNA information, including sequences upstream of V and downstream of J gene segments.

Website: mixcr.milaboratory.com/   Documentation: mixcr.readthedocs.org/en/latest/

June 2012

The Solvent Selection framework: Solvents for organic synthesis, separation processes and ionic liquids solvents

I. Mitrofanov, S. Sansonetti, J. Abildskov, G. Sin, R. Gani
Elsevier Science Conference Proceedings, 22nd European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering. Elsevier Science, 2012. p. 762-766 (Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Vol. 30)


This paper presents a systematic integrated framework for solvent selection and solvent design. The framework is divided into several modules, which can tackle specific problems in various solvent-based applications. In particular, three modules corresponding to the following solvent selection problems are presented: 1) solvent selection and design for organic synthesis, 2) solvent screening and design of solvent mixtures for pharmaceutical applications and 3) ionic liquids selection and design as solvents. The application of the framework is highlighted successfully through case studies focusing on solvent replacement problem in organic synthesis and solvent mixture design for ibuprofen respectively

PDF: researchgate.net/publication/230727828...


November 2012

Solventpro: The Solvent Selection and Design Framework

Mitrofanov, I., Sin, G., & Gani, R.
2012 AIChE Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh. PA, USA
August 2012

Presentation «Extension of computer aided solvent selection and design framework - organic solvents for phase transfer catalysis and solvent selection and solvent mixture design for pharmaceutical applications»

Mitrofanov, I., Abildskov, J., Sin, G., & Gani, R.
CHISA 2012, Prague, CZE
June 2012

Poster «The Solvent Selection framework: Solvents for organic synthesis, separation processes and ionic liquids solvents»

I. Mitrofanov, S. Sansonetti, J. Abildskov, G. Sin, R. Gani
22nd European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, London, UK
November 2011

Poster «Computer Aided Solvent Selection and Design Framework»

Mitrofanov, I., Conte, E., Abildskov, J., Sin, G., & Gani, R.
2008 AIChE Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, USA
March 2011

Presentation «Computer-Aided Solvent Selection Framework»

Mitrofanov, I., Sin, G., & Gani, R.
Computer-Aided Process Engineering forum, Bradford, UK
May 2010

Presentation «Development of module for search and extraction information in nanotechnology sphere»

I. Mitrofanov
Russian-German seminar «New multifunctional nanostructured materials», Moscow, RU


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php wordpress yii mysql jquery drupal MEAN stack

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C# Java Qt

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C++ Java python bash

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UI wireframe design Photoshop Matlab MathCAD git Linux server administration

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